Thursday, October 06, 2005

Crocodiles Save People

The crocodile has been discovered by Australian scientists that its blood has powerful antibiotic properties. The HIV virus and bacteria are killed by it that resistant to penicillin.

Crocodile blood is being collected by scientists with the aim of isolating the antibodies to develope a medicine for humans.

Scientist could take the medicine orally or use directly on the skin. The project involved by the researcher was said, "We do a lot of work . It may be taken years before it can be gotten to the stage where it have been had something to market."

My impression from Sanja's story

After reading Sanja's story, I have been impressed by her: She came to Australia as a refugee from the war in her county. Her experience was very terrible, but she didn't give up. She is very brave and very successful. Because in her country, she worked in a casino , at the beginning she was a dealer, after she became a croupier. In Australia she managed to find the same job, so she put all her energy into learning English and looking for this job. Through her effort, she became a supervisor in a casino. Now she is very good, she has married and has her ambition. In my country , I worked in a exporting business company, my company is engaged in exporting clothes. I was very confident in my job, but now, in Australia, I don't know what I can do, I haven't found my position, because my English is not good, So if I want to change my life, I must improve my English, in spite of this is very difficult , but I have no other choice.

My opinion about: my son was 26 and still at home

If my son was 26 and still at home, I don't think it is a bad thing. After all nowadays, this is a normal appearance and many people will agree with me.

Firstly, maybe the young man isn't married, he is studying, working. Living at home, I can look after him better, and he also can be absorbed in his working, studying. He can get good progress. Above all, in one's all life, the choice of career is one of the best important things, so I think every parents should help their children, when they are in this period.

Secondly, the rent or the price of flat is very expensive in Syndey, in addition the costs of living also spend a lot of money, to a single man, it's not necessary to spend it. Even if he is married, if it's difficult to him to afford these all costs, and my house is large enough , I still think his family can live with us, of course, he's better to afford a part of living costs, this is his responsibility.

Thirdly, nowadays, a lot of young man like to be single, they try to court a kind of free life, so if he lives with his parents, he enjoys his family life which is harmonious and happy, at the same time the activity of his parents affect him, so the marriage follow as a matter of course.

For all these reasons. I think a mature young man lives with his parent is a normal appearance.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My Country ---China

China is my homeland, its full name is People's Republic of China, the Government type is Communist State, it established on 1 october 1949. Beijing is the capital city. The national flag of China is red with a large yellow five-pointed star and four smaller yellow five-pointed stars in the upper hoist-side corner.

China is famous for its population, there are about 1,298,847,624 population. The total area is about 9596960 sq km, land area is 9326410 sq km, water area is 270550, so the chinese people face the water shortage. China is a country of manifold nations, there are 56 nations in it, the same as the chinese language is varied, therefore the Government regulate the Mandarin is the offical language.

The eating in China is all kinds of, usually the staple food is different for Northern and Southern people, for the Southern people is main rice, for the Northern people is main noodle and steamed bread, of course, now, due to the choice of food is very varied, the difference is not very distinct.

In China, the four seasons are very clear. Different place has different scenery. Because China is an ancient country, there are a lot of attractions in it, such as " the Great Wall", "the forbidden City", "the Summer Palace", and so on.

In a word, China is a very beautiful country, I'm looking forword to your visit to China. You must have a good time.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Natural Phenomenon

Every Summer in Shanghai people experience typhoon. Typhoon is a kind of stong wind, its destructiveness is very terrible.
Recently serveral years, the typhoon is not stong. However in my memory, when I was a child, typhoon was very fierce. In August people were all prepared for the typhoon. August was the Summer holiday for students. Once the typhoon came, the students liked me could stay safely at home.
When the typhoon was blowing, you can hear the sound which was beating the windows. You can't see anything clearly through the windows. Usually typhoon only lasted one day. Perhaps the builing of city is too strong to be destroyed, but in suburb, especially nearby the sea. Typhoon could cause the flood. After it passed, you can see its destructiveness through the TV News, many cottages were destoyed, many plants were broken, even many people were died.
Perhaps, living and death are all the regularity of nature, people can't chang the nature, only accept the nature.

Holiday Letter

Dear mum,
How are you! I hope everyone at home is well. I'm very well in Sydney. The weather is very nice, except the sunshine is very strong. I have to use suntan cream if I go out. The beach of Sydney is very beautiful, the air is very fresh. I like it here.
The people is very friendly. Our neighbour are an old couple, they're very kind, once we went out, they helped me to collect the clothes that were hung outside. In sydney the ladys are always dressing up beautiful, I mean their ornaments always match their dress.
Mum, I can't get used to the foods here. I miss the foods what you made.
Give my love to everyone.


About Guy Sebastian

1. What's the name of his new single?
"oh, oh"
2. What type of rhythms/music is in it?
funk, disco, R&B and pop
3. What do you think flava means?
a type of music
4. When is he coming to Sydney?
5. Where was he born?
6. When was he born?
7. When did he come to Australia?
8. Why is he so famous in Australia?
Sebastian has had three #1 singles in Australia
a. Angels Brought Me Here
b. Andrea Bocelli
c. Celine Dion
9. Do you know anything interesting about him?
The first time Guy sang in front of a live audience was in high school. When he got on to stage, his schoolmates started pointing and laughing at him. Guy sang . At the end of song, he looked up to see his friends and teachers crying.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

weather report

Recently, I'm very concerned about the weather forecast, because I'm going to have a long weekend.
The weather report: Friday, Partly cloudy with the chance of an evening shower or two near the coast. Moderate south to southwest winds freshening near the coast in the afternoon. Tomorrow morning coastal shower then fine. Fine weather Sunday.Currently, Mostly sunny, light winds, humidity sixth-three percent and wind southerly at seventeen. The min is 15 degrees, the max is 23 degrees.
It's seemed that it will be good enough to go on a picnic on Easter Monday.

the hail in september

One day in september, I was reading a novel in the sofa. In the afternoon, suddenly it's very cloudy. " perhaps, it's going to rain" I turned on the light to continue reading the book. After a while, I heard something beating the windows. Looking through the windows, I saw it's hailing. The hail was beating the plants, the cars and everything outside. I opened the door of the balcony and picked up a hail which droped on the floor. The hail was like an egg. In the evening, on the TV the news reported that today's hail was very big , many cars which was parked outside were destoried by them.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My name is Grace

My name is Grace. I'm from Shanghai. It belongs to China. Shanghai is a prosperous city, and at the same time it is a beautiful city. Even though the population of Shanghai is too large, but I still love it.

I arrived in Australia on 2nd January 2005. I'm adapting myself to my new circumstances. The scenery of Sydney is very attractived. The blue sky, the green grass and the white beaches are all very charming. I like it here.

I'm thirty, my husband and I have been married only one year, but we have known each other many years. Now I feel very happy because I'm pregnant. The baby will be born in October. I will be a mother, it is my first child. I'm very exciting, but I feel very nervious, too. In addition I always feel like vomiting, the appetite is not well. Sometimes I don't know how to do, but my husband often comfort and encourage me. I think I must be get through this period.

In many friend's eyes , maybe I'm a listener. when they meet unhappy things, they always like to narrate me. I'm willing to comfort them, too. So once I have trouble, they are glad to help me. On weekend in China, I always like to go shopping with my friend. Sometimes we don't buy anything, just wandering. when we feel tired, we usually go into a tea room and find a seat near the window. We could drink tea, at the same time have a chat. through the window we could see the scenery of the street. It make me very relaxed. Maybe everyone would like to court a sort of leisure life.